Benefits of Sinarmas Health Insurance for you

Benefits of Sinarmas Health Insurance for you
Benefits of Sinarmas Health Insurance for you

Many insurance companies offer a variety of superior products, one of which is health insurance. Likewise Sinarmas. As a popular insurance company, Sinarmas also offers health insurance products. You can join or buy Sinarmas health insurance to provide a lot of protection in your life.

Sinarmas health insurance is divided into two types, namely Corporate and Individual Simas Sehat. Corporate Healthy Simas is health insurance that is intended for employees and families of company employees with various guarantees, namely guaranteed hospitalization, guaranteed outpatient care, childbirth insurance, dental care guarantee, and guaranteed glasses. Meanwhile, types of insurance for individuals include Simas Sehat Gold, Simas Sehat Executive, Simas Sehat Income, and Simas Sehat Platinum.

You can buy Sinarmas health insurance according to your needs. There are many benefits that you can feel if you choose Sinarmas health insurance. Here are some benefits.

Cashless in all Sinarmas partner hospitals

This method is very beneficial and makes it easy for you to go to the hospital. You don’t need to carry cash, you just have to show your Sinarmas card, then you will get the best health services. Practical, easy, and of course very satisfying. You will benefit in this way. Just choose the closest hospital in your city, which works with Sinarmas, so whatever your health problems can be overcome quickly.

No need for a health check

This method is also beneficial because you are faster to enroll in a health insurance program. There is no need for a health check and you can immediately enjoy the benefits provided by Sinarmas health insurance, according to your needs. Whatever the product, you benefit from this method.

Satisfaction guarantee

Many people do not want to follow insurance because they still do not believe whether insurance can provide a guarantee of satisfaction. Sinarmas health insurance guarantees satisfaction for you. Insured or you have 15 days to study the policy. If you are not fully satisfied, the policy can be returned within that time and you do not have to pay anything. This is your first step to benefit from the many benefits offered by Sinarmas.

Guaranteed emergency medical evacuation throughout the world

Another advantage that you can enjoy if you buy Sinarmas health insurance is the guarantee of emergency medical evacuation throughout the world. Thus, if you are abroad you do not need to worry if unexpected things happen, especially those related to your health. Emergency medical evacuation around the world will be conducted by Sinarmas to protect you.

Guarantee up to the age of 75 years

Protection provided by Sinarmas health insurance until you are 75 years old. Long time span and you can use it to increase your happiness, especially those related to health problems. Take advantage of this advantage to plan your future better, through the maximum health protection that Sinarmas provides.

Guaranteed outpatient and emergency dental care due to accidents

Everyone does not want an accident. However, if you have to experience it, Sinarmas health insurance provides guaranteed outpatient and emergency dental care due to an accident. This is certainly beneficial because you do not need to spend money from your own pocket for outpatient care and dental care. Sinarmas bear it. In addition, you also get guaranteed outpatient care before and after hospitalization.

Apart from the six things above, there are still many other benefits that you will feel if you join Sinarmas health insurance. To get more complete information, you can visit the official Sinarmas website or ask directly to insurance agents, both online and offline.

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