This is Motorcycle Credit Simulation at BRI Bank and the Terms

This is Motorcycle Credit Simulation at BRI Bank and the Terms
This is Motorcycle Credit Simulation at BRI Bank and the Terms

Which aims to provide per-day services for all Indonesian citizens. Aside from being a place to save money or save and invest. BRI banks also provide various types of loans and loans. Be it Micro loans, KUR loans, Program loans, BRIGUNA loans, and loans and other loans that you can do at this BRI bank. One example of credit that can be used at BRI banks is motorcycle credit. If you are still confused about how to credit at a BRI bank. No need to be confused. You will be told how to simulate motor loans at BRI banks by employees. In the simulation, you can apply for a DP and tenor that you can choose according to your ability on the condition that the credit you take is a minimum of 10 million.

Motorcycle Credit Simulation at BRI Bank
For those of you who want to know how to clearly motor credit simulations, you can go directly to the BRI bank closest to you. As for one example of the simulation in a nutshell like the following. Suppose you want to credit a Honda CRF 0.1 15L motorcycle for Rp. 30,000,000 with a DP of Rp. 9,000,000 while for the tenor you can choose 12 months with a monthly installment of Rp. 978,333, or 24 months with a monthly installment of Rp. 561,667, and there are also the lowest installments which are for 60 months amounting to Rp. 320,667 per month. That is one example of a simulation of motorbike loans at BRI banks that can be a picture for you.

Motorcycle Credit Terms at BRI Bank
After you know the credit simulation. You also need to know what are the conditions so that you can get a motorcycle loan at a BRI bank. The requirements are like the usual requirements when borrowing from another bank, that is, you must meet:

Personal Documents. The first requirement that you must fulfill is personal documents such as photocopies of ID cards, photocopies of family cards, photocopies of NPWP, and photographs of 4×6. These requirements are mandatory requirements that must exist when you want credit or loans at a BRI bank.
Income Document The second requirement that you must complete is income documents such as salary slips or income certificates, original appointment decree or final decree (for employees) and retired decree, copy of the last 3 months savings or current account, and a copy of financial statements for the last 2 years .
Age Limits for Prospective Loans. For this BRI bank, for those who want credit to be limited to a minimum age, there are restrictions on the age at the age of 21 years and a maximum age of 55 years. This is because this age is a productive age for someone to work.
Minimum Income At the BRI bank, the requirement that must be fulfilled is the income of someone who wants credit, namely someone who wants a minimum credit of Rp. 3,000,000 per month. This is intended so that installments can run smoothly.
Must have a BRI account. Must have a BRI account is a requirement that must be owned by someone who wants to credit both motorcycle credit and other loans. This aims to facilitate when the installments are paid each month.
Payment can be via AFT or AGF. If you do not have time to pay installments to the BRI bank directly. You can pay installments through AFT (Automatic Fund Transfer) or use AGF (Automatic Grab Fund) that can facilitate installment payments without disrupting your work.

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