This is Ways to Make BNI Insurance Claims

This is Ways to Make BNI Insurance Claims
This is Ways to Make BNI Insurance Claims

Claims are one of the main concerns of someone when deciding whether to insure or not. Moreover, there is still widespread news that it is very difficult to file an insurance claim that many people have not decided to buy insurance products. Recognizing the importance of claims for its customers, BNI insurance provides many attractive conveniences.

BNI Life, for example, is innovating to shorten the claim process with a nominal value of up to Rp10 million. The disbursement can be directly received by transfer in just 25 minutes. To be able to make this BNI insurance claim, you must know the claim process and the completeness of the documents.

Claim Process

Get to know the process so you will know how to make a claim. Here are the steps you can take.

  • Come to the BNI Life office and bring the entire application file complete and clear. Do not let any files left so that you do not go back and forth and waste time, and not practical for yourself.
  • Customer Care staff conduct a feasibility analysis of the claim service process 25 minutes. To facilitate this process, make sure all the files needed are complete and clear.
  • If the claim is processed, provide the claim service submission form to be processed in 25 minutes that has been filled (form filled in with each claim).
  • If your claim cannot be processed, the submission is directed to the regular claim process.
  • Customer Care will provide a receipt for the claim file to you.
  • Submitting claims to process the AK27 system up to payment using BNI Direct.
  • Customer Care staff sends an SMS as information about your claim has been paid.

To expedite the claim process, you need to pay attention to some of the documents. Prepare the documents in full, including:

  • Claim form 25 minutes.
  • Medical resume that has been filled in completely and clearly.
  • Original receipt for maintenance costs.
  • Complete and clear cost details.
  • Complete and clear drug details.
  • A copy of the written results of a diagnostic examination if available, such as a laboratory, X-ray, and others.
  • Payment to your account.

In addition to the 25 minute claim service, BNI insurance also provides 1 day service. As with the 25 minute claim service, you must submit complete documents to BNI Life. The claim must be submitted by the policyholder himself. The maximum payment amount is IDR 100,000,000. The submission file that you need to bring is a One Day Service Service form. You can fill out this form at Walk In Customer Care or BNI Life service offices in Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, Palembang and Semarang. Also attach a copy of a valid identity card, such as an ID card, driver’s license or passport.

In addition, attach a copy of the passbook on behalf of the policy holder, if different, then you must fill in a power of attorney with the following conditions: The name of the passbook owner is / listed in the policy book as both the insured and the heir. You must also submit an Original Policy for services: COP (Cooling Off Period), Redemption Policy, End of Insurance (Maturity), and Policy Loan.

The way to make BNI insurance claims through this 1 day service makes it easy for you because the service time is more efficient. Payment of claims is made within 24 hours of the document being declared complete and received by BNI Life Customer Care.

BNI’s insurance claim process is very easy, practical and fast. However, if you still feel confused or find some obstacles, you can contact Customer Care. You will get the best help so that your BNI insurance claims can be quickly disbursed, either through a claim process of 25 minutes, 1 day service, or through a regular process.

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