this Types of Car Insurance

this Types of Car Insurance
this Types of Car Insurance

car, of course, requires insurance to protect the car in the event of an unwanted risk. And for now there are many different types of insurance in Indonesia. And every car insurance certainly has its own focus and goals. Own car insurance will help to overcome financial problems for the car itself or even for policyholders. In addition to protecting you and the car caused by an accident, it also protects the car from crime that is now increasingly prevalent. Talk about the types of car insurance, here are some of them:

All Risk Car Insurance

The first is all risk, which is also often called comprehensive, which is insurance to provide protection and also full reimbursement. This type of car insurance itself will guarantee all risks, whether it’s a light risk, then the risk is heavy up to the risk of losing a car. Thus the insurance company will help to cover all costs which are related to what happens to the insured car. Even if you have a car with minor damage, you can submit a claim to the insurance company to cover all the costs of repairing the car. This is because the value of coverage that can be claimed covers all the risks that exist, of course the value of the premium paid is quite expensive. You can even submit claims for adding accessories to the vehicle, then risk riots and others. And according to insurance standards in Indonesia, the maximum age of insurance coverage is up to 8 years.

Car Insurance Total Lost Only

Then the second is total lost only, which is a car insurance that will provide protection and also guarantee of cost insurance if indeed the car you are insuring is lost due to theft or damage which the repair value reaches more than 75% of the price of the insured vehicle, then you can file an insurance claim. And because the insurance coverage is not comprehensive, of course the value of the premium is cheaper compared to other types of car insurance. And the standard policy of this insurance is the maximum age of coverage is approximately 15 years.

Combined Car Insurance

referred to from this type of insurance itself is that if all the damage is small, severe or severe, even at the risk of losing the car, it will be borne by the insurance. And for the technical in this type of insurance itself depends on the choice of coverage which is offered by the insurance company. For example, just like in the first year, the coverage that will be given by the insurance is all risk, then for the second year there is a total only risk insurance offer. Or you can also in other conditions such as an insured vehicle will receive all risk insurance in the first 2 to 3 years when the condition of the vehicle is still new. Then in the following years the queue will change to total lost insurance, given the age of the new car. Thus the type of insurance can be adjusted to the conditions of the car and the finances that you have because each type of insurance has advantages and disadvantages of each – each. Thus you can also choose the type of insurance that suits your economic conditions.

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